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Plug In Chandelier

It is undeniable how chandeliers can add an immense amount of grace and elegance to the room that they are present in. A single good chandelier in the house and it is enough to catapult the family’s status to the elite! Chandeliers have often been associated with class, artistic tastes and regality.



This kind of impression about chandeliers was not present just in those medieval days of yore; the impression is very much present even today. That is the reason chandeliers have still not gone out of fashion. Some of the richest houses of the world still have impressive chandeliers and you can find these even in the houses of ordinary folk, making them a kind of equalizer.

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However, one aspect of chandeliers is definitely gone. The old-time chandeliers used real candles which were lit every evening to give light and warmth to the rooms they were present in. This was a real chore. The chandeliers would be brought down by means of a pulley like arrangement, each candle was lit meticulously and then the chandelier would be drawn back up again. Of course that was a big chore! To put the chandelier off, one needed to wait until the candles all burnt out, or lower the chandelier again and blow off the candles one by one! 

Modern Plug In Chandeliers

Mercifully, today there are some very simple alternatives that are used for chandeliers. We now have the electricity-driven plug-in chandeliers. These chandeliers are fit into the electrical line of the home, just like fans and other lights are, and they have a single switch with which they can be put on. As simple as that!

The plug in chandeliers can be installed anywhere there is an electric plug in. Even if there isn’t an existing plug in to accommodate the chandelier, the electricity can be drawn from the main electric line. An electrician might be required to fix a plug in chandelier once you have bought it, or you could do it yourself if you have some amount of this talent.

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These plug in chandeliers and corresponding chandelier lamp shades look just as beautiful as their traditional candle counterparts, if not more so. They can be made using the traditional designs such as glass and other shiny stones or they could be made with the several contemporary ideas that are used in making chandeliers today.

There is a virtually endless stream of ideas flowing in the minds of people who make plug in chandeliers – most of them are definitely works of craftsmanship. You would love to have a few of them in your house.

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Electricity has definitely made things easier for us, and that applies to the plug in chandelier options on the market. With these chandeliers you can change the intensity and even the color of the light. You could make the light bright if there are some guests in the house or you could make it dim if you are in a bit of a romantic mood!



You could even make some of these chandeliers shine like disco lights. Now, these are some things that traditional chandeliers never did. If you do not have one of these yet, you might try one and see how it enhances your room décor and vastly adds to the impression you make on your guests too. We specifically discuss a couple options from Royce Lighting and Universal Lighting and Decor on separate pages.